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Chinese characteristic vocabulary Ji Jiying interpret
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(3) , free translation
Free translation, say simply, it is to abandon textual figures of speech, also need not other figures of speech, just come out interpreter of ground of meaning speak or write in a dull or flat way [8] . He is to pass pair of former vocabulary depth accumulate the understands will former vocabulary surface layer structure of meaning organic ground translate into the surface layer structure of interpret language, be in again of emersion former vocabulary accumulate meaning, the actual information that transmits lexical place to contain [9] has talk shop all the time of technical ”technical Know-how “ only like “”An abundant place of Talk Shop All The Time “”Small part of A Land Of Honey And Milk “ is spare, large part is wasteful / bagatelle is clever, the important matter is muddleheaded”Penny Wise, pound Foolish; ”sidewalk Snack Booth of “ big gear is waited a moment, these free translation are to pass pair of vocabulary depth accumulate justice the thing scene that likeness of the place in finding culture of the other side will carry after understanding, use, its transmit the information that former vocabulary place contains truely. It is the interpreter method of form of vocabulary of a kind of liberal Yu Yuan. It is passing “ god ” again is not form ” is like “ . Of course, free translation is existing as much a few defect. A lot of ab extra vocabularies, a word is not the explanation that has a correspondence only, be in when the interpreter when lacking context relatively, translator people choose its free translation well and truly hard, cause by accident interpret; Additional, be opposite acronym free translation when, of meeting occurrence information be short of miss an appearance: The CD Chinese explanation that often says like people is laser record player, and the full name of CD should be “Compact Disk” , among them one word of “compact” has close together, concise, deft meaning, sheet looks from English vocabulary level, very difficult couplet thinks of this phrase and laser have He Lian to fasten.
(4) , the union of transliteration and free translation
Be like Ice-cream, chinese explanation is ice cream, among them the free translation that “ ice ” is Ice, “ stimulates the transliteration that approach ” is Cream; There still is Romanticism besides namely romanticism, “ romantic ” is Romantic romance the memorandum that gram of the base of a fruit transliterates, “ creed ” is - the free translation of Ism.
(5) , metaphrase or transliteration part the union with Shi Yi
1, the union of transliteration and Shi Yi
This method is multi-purpose at translating a few compound, be like ” of “ Chinese quarter or ”China Town of “ China city, among them the transliteration Chin that China is word of ” of the Qin Dynasty of “ of Chinese feudal dynasty, and Town expresses “ city ” in English; The term that also having a few is the ethical folk-custom that states China is peculiar also used the method of this kind of interpreter, be like “ geomantic ”feng Shui: The Location Of A Person’s House And Ancestral Grave, supposed To Have An Influence On The Fortune Of A Family And His Off Springs; “ shade ”yin:tHe Passive, female Cosmic Principle In Chinese Dualistic Philosophy. They held the raw ingredient of Chinese characteristic thing already, the abecedarian that won't let culture of those not familiar China again is beginning reading moment to feel mist water.
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