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Chinese characteristic vocabulary Ji Jiying interpret
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2, the union of metaphrase and Shi Yi
In a few have Chinese ancient time on the characteristic word of consuetudinary culture, also use metaphrase and the method that Shi Yi combines sometimes. Wrap sufficient ”bound Feet e.g. “ : A Vile Feudal Practice Which Crippled Women Both Physically And Spiritually. “ three little ” : Three Mores And One Less: The Commodity Circulation Systems Of More Economic Forms, more Circulation Channels, more Management Ways And Fewer Stages For Authorization Of Dispatch
Above translates a method two kinds, translating visualize language when show trait of apparent Chinese people culture, this not only make the foreigner feels find everything new and fresh, the aftertaste is boundless, be just as play knife and fork an exotic cate. The occurrence of these Chinese characteristic vocabularies, also abounded expressive means of English greatly.
On put together, what method is used in the interpreter, basically not be the hobby that decides an individual and subjective desire, decide the external condition at translating an activity and external demand however [10] . Accordingly, when translator people when be being translated, accomplish the premise that respects textual gist to fall, should cogitative to what using the method of which kind of interpreters to undertake, so that make translation is in better by reader reading moment absorption among them knowledge, in the in applying accurate play later.
5, the foreground of Chinese characteristic vocabulary
“ language is the mankind's most important communication tool ” (Lenin) . It is human place is peculiar, the symbolic system that comes out with aleatoric creation will express feeling and desire, the method that communicates an idea [11] . But, can bear the weight of completely without a kind of language the place of the world is literate. Nowadays, english becomes a kind undeniably to use relatively extensive international universal language, it is a kind of tool that interacts each other between country and country, can say it is one country no longer or place of a nation has only, and the news agency that becomes a kind of neutral. As global unifinication process accelerate, china external the further progress of the ceaseless development of reforming and opening and Chinese economy, many new vocabulary appeared in contemporary Chinese language, include old statement new justice, catchword, ab extra new term; The old term with old annihilation of not little even oneself also appears again and again, china is in international general affairs of the position rise ceaselessly, the position in world community also meets the vocabulary that contains intense China distinguishing feature to rise further subsequently, to Chinese characteristic lexical research also will become a of China and even world English education and research group to discuss a task importantly stage by stage. Language worker of China should walk along the front row of alive bound in the research of this domain, its consider that its cannot stop in ” of vocabulary of “ China characteristic merely on this one small deck, also answer its development to other level, of connection, extensive research. Stress is begged make the society of China of Chinese English press close to actual, it is an object with the English reader of the whole world hard, will transmit China civilization energetically.
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