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English news caption translates skill brief analyse
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In international press, english news interpreter held quite large proportion. In English news, “ caption is inspected the abbreviate ” that reports full text, to attract a reader as far as possible, the editor often uses all sorts of rhetorical methods, strive to make news caption has appeal more. This brings a challenge for English news interpreter. Translator needs to move all sorts of interpreter steps, strive the meaning of an original title and style come out with Chinese form emersion. For this, give attention to two or morethings answers when the interpreter 3 respects: Meaning of accurate understanding caption, want to understand its depth significance through literal especially; Chinese characteristic is developed below the circumstance of not misinterpret original intention, in order to enhance translation readability; The case that lose is short of to fall in culture setting, notice the acceptability of translation.

One, metaphrase or caption of basic metaphrase news

Metaphrase and free translation what are what blame in bound of our country interpret vexed, heretofore hangs in the balance. The author thinks, law of two kinds of interpret has accident each, need to inspect actual condition in the interpreter and decide, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. But no matter metaphrase still is free translation, answer faithful put in the first place at textual content. With respect to interpreter of English news caption character, the author thinks, if the implication of English caption is clear, after interpret becomes Chinese, unapt generation understands Chinese constituency the difficulty that go up, can consider to use metaphrase or basic word-for-word translation. For instance:

Putin Faces Harsh Press Criticism Over Terror

Incident of fear of general Beijing lest suffers media severity to criticize

Olympics Begin In Style; Swimmer Takes 1st Gold

The Olympic Games is filled makeup kick off swim will be fond of seize a gold

UK Soldest Person Dies At 115

England the first longlived person passes away, enjoy natural span of life 100 years old 15

3 news caption belongs to above metaphrase or basic metaphrase, without foreign antrum ocean is moved, appear very natural and fluent. Be like again: Ugly Duckling N-Shipat Last GetsHappy Home is ugly nuclear-powered ship finds small duck eventually a bed of down

What this news tells about is some country a nuclear-powered ship, because make much country afraid nucleus is polluted and reject to let its draw close the shore, be obliged to be in so maritime lead a wandering life everywhere, after setbacks of all previous classics be in finally permissibly one haven anchor. The compares this nuclear-powered ship Andersen the wording and purpose of what one writes with speaking mood “an Ugly Duckling” in original title (ugly small duckling) , this also is broad China reader's already familiar literary quotation, reason translation used “ to take the metaphrase skill of creed ” , the reader looks to also understand how to return a responsibility.
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