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English news caption translates skill brief analyse
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2, annotate sex term is added in the interpreter

The news caption of English the press often caters to native reader read need, and as a result of thinking habit and Chinese differ, the expressive means of English news caption also differs somewhat with Chinese. Accordingly, in translating a process must mature to “ inside and outside those who fasten the principle of ” and our country reader read psychology, cultural background of not quite may familiar to compatriots concerned information, culture and the expressive means that do not accord with domestic reader to read a habit undertake necessary flexible, should cutout criterion cutout, should add add. Liu of no less than Mr Miqing is in " style and interpreter " in say: “ even if the news caption that understands clearly, easily, we often also need to add logistic subject when Chinese interpret, or the place of the citizenship of the person that concerns in telecommunications, incident happening is waited a moment, anyhow must the understanding of term of supplementary introduction sex, annotate sex with benefit China reader, avoid a reader to produce misunderstanding. ” for example:

For Beslans Children, alegacy Of Nightmares

(Russia: ) meet after disaster, the child that fasten a city child in still be like nightmare

This is the caption of a close-up, to Russia happening to fasten Si Lan at the beginning of September 2004 the student hostage of city encountered difficult incident to make follow-up report. The report recorded children to weigh garden of return to school after the vacation after tragedy, so a lot of good friends disappeared, there are 5 little boys only in the classroom of a 30 people. Recall the past in the light of the present, child child people the affection that Bei fears arises spontaneously. This added one word of “ Russia ” in the translation of caption, basically became famous in that way because of Beslan unlike Moscow, the reader may not understand Beslan at a draught is where. In addition, textual it is two phrase, either advocate call structural sentence, if metaphrase, also do not accord with the habit of our country reader. After be being handled through such additions and deletions, caption is pulled close the distance of reader and news event and news character.

3, as far as possible emersion is textual and rhetorical characteristic

A lot of news caption not only with its concise fine is seductive, also pass at the same time use all sorts of rhetorical skill, deliver effectively already a few delicate implicit information, make the reader is in again justice, the respect such as sound, form gets beautiful enjoyment. Accordingly, answer to reflect textual and rhetorical characteristic as far as possible when the interpreter, like homonymous, analogy, rhyme etc, make translation is mixed textual in rhetorical on basic be identical, let translation reader get thereby with textual reader's approximately same feeling. For example:
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