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English news caption translates skill brief analyse
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No Fans? “No Fret! ”

Does nobody enrage competition ground? We can do not have “ angry! ”

This caption points out above facts of such a news: Begin a few days in Athenian Olympic Games, competition ground audience is very few. When tournament of a tennis, the stadium of 8000 much people sat only 500 people. Nevertheless the athlete appears have demeanor quite, when accepting a reporter to interview, they express not to mind this. Textual place of two caption ending was used by the word Fans of two F at first (fan) with Fret (vexed) , those who formed English middling to use is alliterative (All Iteration) rhetorical gimmick, read will have rhythm feeling very much. Chinese does not have this kind of rhetorical means, but translation imposes the measure that folds a word through rhyming, enrage ” and “ angry ” with “ person these two words, in quite body revealed textual gust on degree. Be like again:

After The Booms Everything Is Gloom

Prosperity no longer depression comes namely

Among them “Boom” and “Gloom” make end musical sound (Rhyme) , and Chinese translation passes “ again ” and “ come ” , also achieved rhyming result, read come bright able to read aloud fluently. Of course, this caption still can have other interpret way, for example: Do not flourish a scowl also is two 8 words, not only from beginning to end rhymes, and change textual factual sex state into figure sex description, give a person a kind of style or manner of writing compact, the feeling of get sth done without any letup. Be like again:

Soccer Kicks Off With Violence

The football leaves kick cuff and kick

Textual medium “kickoff” shows the “ in football game opens ” of bully of the field in surpassing ” or “ , but with the “violence” from the back (violence) one word is used, mirror in reader brains instantly the picture of a pair of cuff and kick comes. “ football leaves kick, such translation of ” of cuff and kick, already punny, around rhymes, conveyed textual humorous effect.

Of course, as a result of language and culture difference, the wonderful part in a few English news caption uses Chinese emersion very hard. For instance " English-Chinese is rhetorical quite with the interpreter " in the England of adduce " audience " a caption has the magazine very much typical meaning:

Britannia Rues The Waves

This caption is commutation limejuicer army song “Rule, the refrain ———Britannia Rules The Waves (in Britannia” does not list bump regnant and marine) , “rules” (regnant) instead “rues” (deplore) , meaning in satirize increasingly the British shipping of be on the wane. From the point of English angle, the copy that this is an extraordinary success drafts (Parody) rhetorical gimmick, because Rules and Rues pronunciation are almost same, the meaning goes to 10 thousand lis however, so, the Englishman that imagines rich sense of humor not hard saw caption can have why to plant experience. However, this kind holds the humour that has culture characteristic and syntactic and rhetorical characteristic concurrently to pass Chinese emersion hard really, below this kind of circumstance, can abandon the rhetorical characteristic of caption only, strive for interpret to give the basic meaning of caption, may kill because of the word otherwise meaning, the sense that creates translation caption is ambiguous.
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