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English news caption translates skill brief analyse
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4, use interpreter balance technique

Sometimes, when a few English caption or because of rhetorical gimmick, or reach Semantic Differential because of culture, behave its hard in Chinese when delicate meaning, might as well according to meaning of English caption literal, interpret of combinative news content gives appropriate Chinese title. When such processing, but the characteristic according to Chinese and Chinese news caption, use different and syntactic rhetorical method, in order to obtain optimal result.

1. increases a term to make a sense whole

Announce news content, english caption apt makes some content “ key change ” (Accentuation) processing, do not pay attention to reach every aspect of a matter. In addition, because English word is comprised by several letters normally, so caption uses a word commonly not much. Decided English news caption compares fine commonly this at 2 o'clock brief. And Chinese news caption emphasizes particularly on ” of “ comprehensive sex (Totalism) , adding Chinese is one word one meaning, so Chinese caption uses a word opposite more. Because of this, when caption is translated, can combine the characteristic of Chinese news caption, increase a few terms appropriately, make the form of caption more hasten Chinese is changed, meaning more hasten is complete. For example:

Older, wiser, calmer

The person heals old, zhi Yu is tall, the heart is made the same score more

This news focusing at current aged society, the expression when all sorts of issues are being handled after old people is retired especially comes out wise and farsighted and sober. If according to textual word-for-word into “ older, more advisable, soberer ” , also the translation that can yet be regarded as can accept. But if read a habit according to Chinese reader, increase “ person ” , “ wisdom ” , “ heart ” 3 words, the sense is more clear, sentence type also more neat. Be like again:

Japanese Dash To US To Say “I Do”

Japanese sweethearts flocks beautiful interest before firm priest oath “ I am willing”

This report is to say, a lot of American travel agent roll out beautiful type wedding technically to serve for the sweethearts of Asian country, include them to hold formal wedding to wait in cathedral. Arrange of this with one action gets immediately the favour of numerous Japan sweethearts, drive toward the United States to experience the sort of cathedral wedding emotional appeal in succession. English primary problem was applied allusive (Metaphor) rhetorical gimmick. Will replace “get Married” with “say‘I Do’” . The reader with twilight west consuetudinary culture knows, hesperian holds wedding in cathedral when, the clergyman that chairs wedding can ask both sides, “Do You Take…to Bey Our Lawful Wedded Wife/husband To Live Together In The State Of Matrimony? ”(you are willing to marry / marry such-and-such for lawful wife / the husband, cross matrimony jointly? ) wait for both sides to answer “I Do”(I am willing) later, priest announces bilateral and formal ties is a couple namely. Accordingly, “I Do” already became the pronoun that holds wedding in cathedral in English country. As a result of old reforming and opening, most Chinese is not unfamiliar to western cathedral wedding, but if primary problem direct interpret emerges toward the United States to say ‘ into “ Japanese I am willing ’” , too abrupt rather, add the word such as “ sweethearts ” and Priest “ ” according to news content, make translation sense whole, provide readability more.
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