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English news caption translates skill brief analyse
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Word of poem of China and foreign countries of 2. apply mechanically is ripe sentence

Of long standing and well established China culture is the pride of compatriots all the time, the poetic word of a lot of win universal praise is ripe sentence up to now wide to circulate. In addition, the logion name of many foreign writer poets sentence after classics interpreter also times suffer people to love. When translating English news caption, take into consideration the circumstances is used, familiar to the ear of apply mechanically reader can the poetic word idiomatic phrase of detailed, call kind move of the reader more easily. For example below two caption:

Bush Ughters Reach Legal Age To Drink

Bush blossoms at the beginning of Shuang Jiao wine alley holds the post of freely from now on

Singaporean Star Gives Part Of Liver To Save Dying Lover

If be love reason liver to also can cast ——— lion city to perform touching life and death to love

What the first caption says is, bush daughter of a pair of twin often because of minor excessive drinking by media exposure, now she two reached legal drinking age eventually, from now on can to one's heart's content caroused. Another says is, a Singapore star contributes a partial liver to save sweethearts. The translation of two caption apply mechanically familiar to the ear of our country reader can the name of detailed sentence, compare what cause a reader easily to read interest.

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