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The culture difference of idiom of shallow Tan Yinghan reachs an interpreter
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Idiom is some kind of language the fixed phrase that the course is used for a long time and abstraction comes out or short sentence. The English idiom that article place says (Idioms) be with respect to its broad sense character, include common saying (Colloquialisms) , adage (Proverbs) , slang (Slang Expressions) and literary quotation (Allusions) . English and Chinese are two kinds of languages that develop highly, have many idiom consequently, these idiom are the important and rhetorical method in the language, have distinctive image and appropriate figure of speech, and contain is returned in idiom wear substantial culture information. As a result of district, history, religion, consuetudinary the difference that waits for a respect, english-Chinese idiom is bearing the weight of the ethical characteristic with two kinds of different culture reachs English-Chinese culture information. Accordingly the interpreter of idiom should translate the figure that gives primitive idiom, rhetorical method not only, translate an its nation characteristic and local characteristic even, pay attention to its culture difference adequately.
The article adopts the culture difference that discusses English-Chinese idiom, formulate the basic strategy that idiom translates, discuss idiom to translate the phenomenon of ” of medium “ seemingly in harmony but actually at variance.

The culture difference of 1 English-Chinese idiom
Culture difference is to point to people to be used to means of the language of nurturance, knowledge, devotional, philosophy, viewpoint of value, thinking, morality, custom below different modes of life and relation to their environment and environment those who wait for a respect is different. The difference of culture can bring about people to be opposite same thing or the different understanding that unite rational concept and explanation, can cause misunderstanding even sometimes, idiom just is one of extremely chastening pattern that reflect difference of this kind of culture. English-Chinese idiom, main show is in culture difference the following respects:

1.1 geographical environments:
There is the idiom that mirrors characteristic of its geography environment not less in English-Chinese language. England is an insularity, seafaring and fishery have important place in British economy life. From this, arose many with nautical and fish concerned idiom; For example, spend Money Like Water compares the waste that spend money, extravagant; Go By The Board expresses “ (arrangement) come to nothing, (plan) unsuccessful ” ; Burn One’s Boats compares “ burn one's boats, break leeway ” oneself; All At Sea states “ is at a loss the meaning of ” ; “ of analogy of Like A Fish Out Of Water lies in new environment uneasy ” is waited a moment. And China is terrestrial country, it is the agricultural country with a long history, the idiom related to this has a lot of. If ” of ” of “ things will be easily settled when conditions are O.K. , “ cut the weeds and dig up the roots, “ is planted,melon gets melon, kind the beans gets fabaceous ” to wait a moment.
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