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The culture difference of idiom of shallow Tan Yinghan reachs an interpreter
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1.2 religion are devotional:
Religion is phenomenon of a kind of culture, the idiom that concerns with religion in English-Chinese idiom reflected the effect of religious antonym character. Some idiom basically are concerned with christian in English, be like: In The Right Church, but In The Wrong Pew(is entered was opposite cathedral, but sit wrong chair, the analogy is right as a whole, but on detail incorrect) , self-help of God Helps Those Who Help Themselves(person, the day is aided also) , go To Hell (case of go to the fields goes) etc, and our country is a polytheistic country, among them the impact that You Yifo teachs is the biggest, because of this Chinese medium idiom basically comes from at buddhism, wait with Buddha, temple, bonze about, be like: When idle of ” of “ borrow sth to make a gift of it, “ not burn joss sticks, ” of make effort at the last moment, “ established the ground to run into Buddha ” , “ bonze cannot run temple ” .

1.3 custom are used to:
The difference that English-Chinese custom is used to is many sided. The mankind and animal live on the earth jointly, a very short time gets along, formed ” of culture of pet of a kind of “ gradually. Any nation has the animal that he loves, because this pet culture has bright district sex, nationality. If people of Sino-British two countries has the habit that raises a dog, but Sino-British two countries people has different traditional view to the dog. The dog is a kind of low-down animal in Chinese culture. The idiom that concerns with the dog in Chinese contains mostly demote meaning: ” of “ cruel and unscrupulous ” , “ henchman ” , “ a gang of scoundries. But the Englishman has good opinion to the dog mostly, think the dog is faithful and reliable friend. Accordingly, there are a lot of idioms about the dog in English (Canine Idioms) , often compare the person's action with the figure of the dog. Be like Lucky Dog (lucky person) , the child) with clever Clever Dog(, every Dog Has Day (everybody has complacent time) , love Me, ) of Love My Dog(loving me. As contrary as this, chinese very love a cat, will compare person gluttonous with ” of “ slander cat, often have intimate component, and in western culture, “ cat ” is used to figurative “ contains the feminine ” of evil intent. Be like Old Cat (short-tempered carline) .

1.4 histories literary quotation:
Sino-British two countries is having long history, of culture broad and profound contain is worn rich folklore and historical story, have in idiom very big one part all originates this. The “cross The Rubicon” in be like English (gamble) result from Roman history story; “castle In The Air” (a castle in the air) result from mythological fokelore; An imminent peril of “hang By A Thread”() result from Greek story. These idiom structure concise, meaning far-reaching, concise and comprehensive, figure is implicative and vivid, humorous, have very deep history origin and culture background, understand and often cannot be translated only from literal meaning. Be like: Cat’s Paw metaphrase is feline claw, result from " Aesop's Fables " , use figurative “ to be regarded as the person ” that the person ” that the tool uses or “ suffer a person to fool.
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