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The culture difference of idiom of shallow Tan Yinghan reachs an interpreter
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And the idiom in Chinese basically originates the Chinese classics ancient codes and records of tremendous amount of, allegorical story and mythological fokelore, for example ” of “ burn one's boats is come from " history write down, xiang Yu this discipline " , ” of ” of “ wait for windfalls, “ professed love of what one actually fears, etc result from allegorical story, “ boast father chases after goddess in the moon of day of ” , “ to go straight towards the out such as lunar ” mythological fokelore. This reflected the archaic culture with distinctive the Chinese nation adequately, quits idiom is found very hard in English.

The interpreter of 2 English-Chinese idiom
2.1 metaphrase law
Metaphrase law points to go up in the foundation that accords with translation language standard, below the associate and misunderstands premise that does not cause misunderstanding, maintain the analogy of idiom, figure and ethical colorific method. Metaphrase law is used to be able to maintain textual style when the interpreter. Be like:
(1) Love Money As One Love One’s Life. Skin a flea for its hide
(2) Abide By The Law And Behave Oneself.
(3) To Strike While The Iron Is Hot. Strike while iron is hot.
Above illustrative sentence used metaphrase method, preserved the image of former idiom already, relaid original intention well and truly again, english idiom migratory come in Chinese, can abound native language character already, can master western idiom well and truly again, although thing square culture has difference,can see, but human thinking has a lot of collective place, these idiom reflected the certain crossing of the intercommunity of human thinking and viewpoint of value of Chinese and Western, reflected human culture in all nucleus.
Law of 2.2 free translation
In English-Chinese idiom, some meanings roughly conform to, but there is certain difference however in figure and style respect. To this kind of phenomenon we can use free translation law to undertake an interpreter, maintained already former sentence original meaning, fit the expressive habit of Chinese idiom again, it is reader place easily to accept, it but specific pick below in order to two kinds of way:
⑴ transforms a law
This kind of method already express the idea is not contrary to again at textual. For example:
① One Swallow Dose Not Make A Summer. The means with textual English: Discover a swallow cannot show the advent of summer only. And there is same argument however in Chinese, but there is one wood of “ to won't do in Chinese idiom forest the view of ” , accordingly but interpret is “ one swallow does not become summerly ” .
② Kill Two Birds With One Stone.
One Shi Erdiao. Be used to according to Chinese but interpret is ” of “ kill two hawks with one arrow.

⑵ couplet law
In Chinese, the idiom that forms with couplet form is more, the first line of a couplet on a scroll says figure, what the second line of a couplet says is a meaning, be like “ time reveals a person's heart, ” of time reveals a person's heart is waited a moment. If use this kind of method,be in in English interpreter, will get the result that expect is less than. For example:
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