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The culture difference of idiom of shallow Tan Yinghan reachs an interpreter
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① A Word Spoken Is Past Recalling.
Gentleman one character, what has been cannot be withdrawn.
② Everyone For Himself And The Devil Take The Hindmost.
The person is oneself, stand condemned by God.
Law of 2.3 apply mechanically
Have quite idiom of one part English and Chinese idiom are on content and be similar in shape special accord with, bilateral not only have same sense and rhetorical article variety, and have identical or similar figure figure of speech. If encounter this kind of situation, be inferior to the synonymous idiom in Chinese of direct apply mechanically, what just can accomplish be similar in shape and god be like is unified. For example:
Walls Have Ears. Beware of eavesdroppers.
To Spend Money Like Water. Beautiful money is like running water.

2.4 metaphrase are added note a way
Still have a few idiom, although metaphrase hind won't produce culture clash, can cause pragmatics error however, can use the method that add interpret at this moment. The law that add interpret is not out of thin air ground adds a word at will, however the basis is textual the indispensable word that adds to those do not have its word and contain its hint. Normally translation but first metaphrase its literal meaning, point out again its are implicit meaning, make translation image dramatic, do not miss former appearance, because of,avoided again not close and the pragmatics error that cause. For example: To Carry Coals To Newcastle but interpret carries for “ coal blocks ” of bring owls to Athens of all alone —— to button. If feel likely still to cause misunderstanding, yi Ke adds ” of a noting “ button to block all alone is England center yield coal. coal of not fathomless carry blocks the thing that all alone is bring owls to Athens to button.

2.5 free translation are added note a way
In free translation, the information that passes to raise information of primitive idiom culture sometimes is spent, can use free translation to add note a way, to the literary quotation of primitive idiom, culture setting has explanatory note, in order to raise the rate of culture communication. Exemple: John Can Be Relied On, he Eats No Fish And Plays The Game. Humanness agreement writing is reliable, he already faithful just. ” of faithful integrity of the “ in translation is the free translation of pair of textual idiom “eats No Fish And Plays The Game” , understand the culture setting of English idiom for Chinese reader, can add explanatory note. Note: Out of To Eat No Fish a literary quotation, show British Yi Li Sha is white queen times, protestantism apprentice is opposite to express governmental faithfulness, reject to abide by the Rome that opposes a government Catholic what have a fish only on Friday is consuetudinary. Because of this To Eat No Fish (do not have a fish) the desire that expresses “ faithfulness ” . To Play Game and To Play Fair (the match of custom) synonymous, from this transferred meaning is ” of “ humanness integrity, “ aboveboard ” .
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