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The culture difference of idiom of shallow Tan Yinghan reachs an interpreter
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3 idiom translate the phenomenon of ” of medium “ seemingly in harmony but actually at variance
In English-Chinese in the idiom of two kinds of languages, sometimes its form is almost identical. The meaning appears close, create the false appearance of ” of specious ” of a kind of “ , “ seemingly in harmony but actually at variance, special caution answers when the interpreter. For example: “eat One’Words” lets a person very easily break one's promise the “ of its and Chinese ” correspondence rises, because they are on exterior figure and language meaning,be close to very much. If but the means “ of “eat One’s Words” calls in,saying, admit preface has break, missay ” , and still contain certain emotional colour, it is “ shame ” of the ground, dishonour ground is acknowledge a mistake. If one individual “eat One’s Words”So he is “retract Them In Humiliating Manner ” ; And Chinese “ breaks his promise ” is to say one individual “ talks not count, not be as good as one's word, nonperformance promise ” . Accordingly, collective place is without between two idiom but character, each other interpret is far from likely also
Similar case still has: Interpret of A Miss Is As Good As A Mile is the fault of “ millimeter to still be a fault, ” of barely escape one's life (poor an iota, those who break in) ; Gilding The Lily covers interpret to be ” of “ ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous (perfect) ; Interpret of Laugh Off One’s Head laughs for “ more than, laugh rock (take other seek pleasure normally) (laugh at front tooth) , etc.

The article reached interpreter method to undertake discussing to the culture difference of English-Chinese idiom. Idiom is the child of culture, they accumulate contained substantial literacy knowledge, from inside idiom report gives difference of culture of Chinese and Western, when these difference ask to we are learning and apply idiom, heighten the sensitivity of pair of culture difference, want to accomplish “ be similar in shape and alike in spirit ” when idiom is translated, such ability express his feeling well and truly, make cross culture intercourse be able to fluent and successful finish.

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