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" the plan word standard that translates a manuscript " try out
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1. Purpose
The manuscript that translates service industry for the standard plan word method, the layout structure characteristic that waits according to technical data, the relevant provision of national copyright bureau consults in the meantime, tailor-made order this measure.
2. Definition
2.1 words count: All Chinese that word number points to to be involved in the data, foreign language, punctuation, formulary, symbol.
2.2 layout word counts: Count the computational method that is computational basis with layout word namely.
2.3 computer computation: Namely with ×× of computer “ window”The computation inside column of the tool in the WORD file of software is the computational method of computational basis, use “ character to count normally (not plan blank space) ” .
2.4 attached drawing: In pointing to technical data, the sketch map of content of word of explain proclaimed in writing, component graph, photograph, graph.
2.5 formula: The computational formula in pointing to technical data, structural formula.
2.6 form: The sheet of of all kinds norms that in pointing to technical data, appears, checklist, component watch, lubricant watch and all contains a character to state of all kinds form that list in order to express.
2.7 blueprint: All contains graph label hookup in pointing to technical data, decorate graph, general assembly graph, component watch, solder graph, cop graph. </p>
2.8 blueprint dimension: Blueprint dimension is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, the computation that lengthen pursues is the standard figure of amount to of part of lengthen of standard figure + .
3. Plan word
3.1 layout plan word: The word number that with the layout of typesetting and printing every go takes layout plan word with linage of text solid some, insufficient group and occupy group to inscribe a purpose to press group plan, among them the 2 computation of 1 / that attached drawing, formulary, form, index counts by the layout word of identical width of cloth. Mantissa is not worth 1000 words calculate by 1000 words.
3.2 computer plan word: Computer plan word presses × of computer “ window×In file of ” software WORD, character of the “ in casing of ” of computation of the “ inside tool column is counted (not plan blank space) the actual word of ” counts computation. The clip and paste of the attached drawing in the data, form and composing charge, answer to be calculated separately.
3.3 blueprint plan word:
Blueprint plan word can use the following kinds of methods:
3.3.1 unite by the regulation of 2.1 by full edition word several reduce by half are calculated.
3.3.2 press the regulation of 2.2, but the size of the clip and paste of blueprint and composing charge width of cloth that should press blueprint is calculated respectively charge.
3.3.3 calculate by the method that entrusts bilateral agreement.
The plan word of 3.4 notarial material
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