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" the plan word standard that translates a manuscript " try out
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The word number that the plan word of 3.4.1 notarial material unites the Chinese data that is over with waiting for interpret or interpret is computational basis.
The plan word of 3.4.2 notarial material is OK with, piece, plan word is layout plan word or computer foundation, but it is when layout plan word, can 1000 words are a base, mantissa is not worth 1000 words to press 1000 words computation.
The computational method of the attached drawing in 3.4.3 notarial material, formulary, form is the same as the 2.1 relevant provisions with 2.2.
The plan word of 3.5 advertisement word:
The plan word of 3.5.1 advertisement word presses travel plan word, every 10 press 1000 words computation, be not worth 10 press 10 travel plan.
4. This method is the plan word standard of interpreter service industry, the country has a regulation additionally, by the country the regulation is carried out.

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