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Interpreter gimmick
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Think the interpreter can be divided commonly for metaphrase, free translation symphonious interpret 3 kinds, interpret law is actually far more than these 3 kinds. The interpret method that interpret person often uses in the job has 11 to plant. Be like:
Metaphrase ——literal Translation (word-for-word Translation) , by carrier prototype interpret goes out, compare be similar in shape;
Free translation ——free Translation, the substantial information interpret that transmits by carrier place goes out, emphasize content, more alike in spirit;
Free translation —transliteration, of association only then, mutual to be not thing has not establish a name, lack quits information, draft transliteration from temporarily convenience, as transfer;
—explaining Translation(changing interpret explains) of sexual interpret law, as a result of culture contrast, the concept is disparate, can make only certain alter interpret goes out, or take the place of in order to explain in text interpret;
Copy transliterates ——imitating Translation, make some of character put in order appropriately when transliteration namely, make have transliteration effect already, have some of Chinese instinctive quality more again, multi-purpose the interpreter at name of person ground thing;
Answer) of law of reproducibility interpret of interpret —reducing Translation(, after the thing of armour language enters second language with interpret of law of some kind of interpret, enter armour language by second language interpret again, need reply prototype former appearance, it is to be an interpret, often find its prototype hard, or accomplish not easily accurate;
—polishing Translation of embellish interpret law, especially the character that the poem handles one kind hard, its embellish often is self-consciously when interpret, if alien enters western poem interpret Chinese, however interpret is gotten unlike Chinese poem, additional by the Chinese for you embellish interpret goes out, chew meal and) of law of ancient interpret of person —retelling Translation(, namely more the way of a kind of interpret that does not get frame of former sentence pattern to manacle;
Jian Yi —translation In Abbreviation, go out with the abbreviation means interpret that comparative namely, when this kind when brief language is relatively current, use morer, like “ capitalist-roared ” , “ 3 from a packet of ” , “ 3 will fill ” is waited a moment, but often not be with Jian Yijian, when Jian Yi cannot be accepted for the person, must take interpret of reductive interpret law to go out; Jian Yi sees more at advertisement and public relations writ, optional sex is very big, the thing that starts oneself also common, translator appropriate careful place.
Compile —translating And Editing; to pick (section) interpret —translating In Extracts (excerption) . “ compiles ” and “ to pick (section) interpret ” means is place of journalist, editor to use more, give a Duan Yi of certain article, comprise a shorter translation, or pick (section) interpret among them some part, paragraphic, with lesser length print interpose goes out. Soar in information content today, all sorts of abstract be current, type of this one party already more and more be used widely.
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