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Entrust oral interpretation note
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Morality of A, profession: There is a standard in oral interpretation bound, that translates personnel what to what obtain is in among working process namely any content that belong to particular sex or privacy sex must try to keep secret, without client or must not disclose to the outside through necessary legal procedures. In the meantime, the client does not get escape to translate a company and arrange additional interpreter job to perhaps discuss the arrangement that translates charge or other with interpreter personnel directly.
B, safety ensures: The client must adopt cogent and significant step to ensure the person that translates personnel and belongings safety, inform concerned note according to the facts. If be not interpreter personnel reason, the client assumes safety to ensure responsibility above all. The client should provide reasonable food and bait time to translate personnel in order to avoid work efficiency cut.
C, advance preparation: Unless the client does not make higher demand to translating quality, to a few professional stronger task, interpreter personnel needs to sufficient time reads concerned speech draft or relevant material in beforehand, in order to ensure higher interpreter quality, these preparative time expend mark allow to close in order to add according to interpret of 1 day of interpreters sometimes; The client is accountability provide concerned data ahead of schedule; Translate personnel prepare time to be as follows commonly ahead of schedule: Business affairs kind 2 days, the conference kind 3 days, pass together kind 7 days.
D, task changes: If the client wants to defer or cancel to translate task beard to undertake compensating to translating personnel (because translate personnel to may be in,the transducer that loses other for a short while together meets) : Shift to an earlier date 5 days free, shift to an earlier date 2 days, compensation translates cost a long time; Be not worth 2 days, compensate cost of a day of interpreter.
E, in road allowance: The loses possibly other in making a process to compensate interpreter personnel is potential income, collect fees to translating the traffic time of personnel to give commonly. Traffic process 2-6 the will expend according to horary basic interpreter 50 % of the hour give collect fees, of 6 hours of above collect fees by the 80 % that translate cost basically everyday; The accommodation fee that the client must pay an interpreter personnel, transportation expenses and other concern charge.
Charge of F, oral interpretation: Interpreter charge depends on the interpreter's skill and actual working experience level depend on the complex degree that translates the task and concerned working requirement. Have a total quoted price to all interpreter tasks commonly. Basic interpreter cost is work 8 hours according to a day (contain reasonable food and bait time) collect fees regulation undertakes, the overtime part of 1 hour of above serves as overtime work overtime to add the 150 % that expend according to horary basic interpreter close. According to national regulation, the holiday will be added according to the 200 % that translate cost basically everyday close, the festival will be added according to the 300 % that translate cost basically everyday close.
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