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" spot oral interpretation serves quality standard "
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1. Purpose
The spot oral interpretation that serves unit of member of company efforts network for interpreter of normative whole nation serves quality, consider the characteristic of spot oral interpretation at the same time, tailor-made revise this criterion.
This standard uses a level to recommend.
2. Suitable scope
This standard is applied to only " network of efforts of countrywide interpreter company " each member company.
3. Definition
The spot oral interpretation that this standard place narrates, show project, technology communication, technology and craft are introduced only, industrial equipment is introduced wait for construction of project of project of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals to come from project approving the of all kinds oral interpretation in form whole process, belong to project technology kind oral interpretation category.
4. Quality of service of spot oral interpretation is dragoman of integrated quality reflect, the service quality of judge scene oral interpretation, want to affirm the aptitude of dragoman and quality above all.
The aptitude of 4.1.1 dragoman translates series criterion for evaluation by national major technical position, cent is careful of assistant interpreter, interpreter, deputy interpret, interpret careful.
The aptitude of 4.1.2 dragoman, have letter of certificate of the letter of primary oral interpretation that issues by branch of external affairs of each province, city, municipality or human affairs branch, intermediate oral interpretation, advanced oral interpretation.
The simultaneous interpretation letter that the aptitude of 4.1.3 simultaneous interpretation has a country to be issued about the branch or the simultaneous interpretation qualification that approve by branch of external affairs of each province, city, municipality or human affairs branch.
4.1.4 courses are long-term practice of spot oral interpretation has the 4.1.1, 4.1.2 dragoman with level of 4.1.3 coequal aptitude.
The dragoman of integrated quality requirement of 4.1.5 dragoman can abide by what the State Council released in Feburary 1992 " rules of personnel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals " 10, requirement dragoman has the computer, network to handle mastery of a skill or technique, requirement dragoman has deeper knowledge of extensive science and technology and literacy knowledge.
Classification of 4.2 spots oral interpretation and service quality ask
Cent of spot oral interpretation is: Construction site is translated; Business affairs and technical contract negotiation are translated; Along with round interpreter going abroad and other interpreter.
Interpreter of 4.2.1 construction site serves quality demand
(1) familiar site plant, in appearance of plant site take one's place, Electromechanical installation, device is debugged, in drive and be being checked and accept, be translated correctly and do not have in time transmit information by accident to project construction both sides.
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