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" spot oral interpretation serves quality standard "
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(2) the concerned workpiece data such as the summary of of all kinds talk with bilateral construction of the project in translating spot construction correctly, memorandum, workaday annals.
(3) each regulation that abides by spot safety construction strictly, the work is serious responsible, willingly bear the burden of hard works, active and active.
4.2.2 business affairs and interpreter of technical contract negotiation serve quality demand
(1) the technical material that familiar project builds and file, the interpreter is correct, faithful, rigorous, normative.
(2) the Chinese and English text of contract of correct school interpret and contract accessory, translation is faithful at textual original intention.
(3) intent of the talk circumstance with project bilateral construction, bilateral collaboration and contract content should keep secret external, must not divulge tripartite.
4.2.3 serve quality demand along with round interpreter going abroad
(1) habit of common of zephyr of the culture environment of familiar visit country, local customs, be familiar with the purpose of the visit, setting, become the staff officer of good colonel.
(2) abide by external affairs discipline, abide by confidential regulations, cooperate colonel to had done the political safety that is in abroad, transportation safety, the passport is safety of money other people, safe.
(3) in the light of different visit task (make an on-the-spot investigation, the exercitation grooms, equipment is purchased, design contact, technology communication) , had done before going abroad (interpreter) technical preparation, accomplish in abroad do not have by accident interpreter correctly.
4.2.4 other interpreter serves quality demand
The other translation service that this standard indicates is the technical communication interpreter that shows with project project construction is concerned, groom lecture interpreter, the interpreter such as conference interpreter serves, these translation service quality ask to consult 4.2.2 with 4.2.3.
Of quality of service of 4.3 spots oral interpretation classification
Spot oral interpretation serves quality cent to be two class: Qualification and unqualified.
(1) achieve 4.2 of kind of service quality requirement for qualification.
(2) short of 4.2 of kind of service quality requirement for unqualified.
The judge basis of 4.4 eligible dragoman
The judge basis of eligible dragoman is 5 respects: Bilingual expression ability; Operating conditions spends kimono Wu manner; Translate professional morality; Link bridge action; The user evaluation to dragoman and report.
These 5 respects are the primary quality requirement of dragoman, it is judge the premise of of all kinds and eligible dragoman.
5. About spot oral interpretation the quality to spot writ and file written translation asks (memorandum, spot is workaday annals, conference summary) , consult TSS - technology of 102 “ project kind ” of data quality standard.
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