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Interpreter standard is in at issue development
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The interpreter is the longest culture communication activity on human history. Alive bound tends of economic integration today, the spirit with multivariate pursuit and culture value already became a kind inevitable. No matter live in human material, still be in mental activity of the mankind, the interpreter's effect is mainer and mainer. The view that the interpreter has pair of interpreter levels with respect to inevitable meeting and think. Different historical period, different social setting, the people of disparate arrangement of ideas is met necessarily from different point of view different to translating a standard to arise view, this should develop an argument possibly. This kind of controversy is beneficial, healthy, it can promote the progress that translates a career and development. Human society knows —— to carry out —— again in practice —— namely develop in understanding again today's, the interpreter is not exceptional also. Mr Gu Zhengkun says famous learned man well: “ is translating academic domain, translating standard problem is undoubtedly what have historical sense most is topical. Can say the translator discussion to translating a standard, almost from when one have interpreter appearance, had begun. Accordingly, this old topical the attention that drew so numerous egghead, it is no wonder. ”(" China translates ~2001. (1) the 12nd page)
One, the interpreter career of the argumentative our country to translating a standard has our country ancient time about the history 2000. The interpreter of sutra only then at the Eastern Han Dynasty Huan Dijian mixes 2 years. Translator An Shigao is 2 centuries come to the Christian era China person of the Western Regions. He was translated " how kind defend meaning classics " wait for many 30 sutra. The month raises compatriots raise Lou Jia to augury later come Central Plains, interpret many 10 sutra. His translation is curt, the reader is understood not easily, so thenceforth rises, have metaphrase and free translation the controversy of this kind of problem. He has a student to call Zhi Liang, zhi Liang has a child to call Zhi Qian, they 3 people are so-called “ 3 ” , it is the celebrity that translates sutra at that time. Zhi Qian is in " law sentence classics foreword " in “ passes solid ” , “ expensive actually ” , “ does not break follow of faint justice ” , “ the formulation of this aim ” , this is the view pays attention to content of materiality of transmission origianl work, namely Yan Fu is so called “ believes ” . Word of ” of letter of this one “ is in home of Tang Dynasty interpret especially in interpreter practice of Xuan Zang and theory be acted according to for a long time to be criterion. Zhi Qian is in same piece still say he is original in the article not approve of the interpret law with another will phlogistic translator, although,say will phlogistic “ language of Zhu of day of be apt to, did not have Xiao Han, …… of its place hearsay is bordering on qualitative straight. Its are disrelished at the beginning of fall forward demit is indelicate. ” disrelishs its interpret to get “ indelicate ” , explain Zhi Qian also thinks “ elegant ” is one of interpreter standards at first, just change somewhat later. Also see from this although be in,about “ elegant ” translates a standard this at that time, had been in our country interpret bound is vexed. The person that is together with Zhi Qian at that time advocates “ passes Hu Yi today, solid appropriate diameter amounts to ” . Visible “ amounts to ” word to translate a standard to also had put forward at that time. Arrived when Fu Qin acting, in Shi Daoan chair next settings interpret field. Interpreter career appeared to progress greatly, make the activity that has an organization. Path install oneself not to know Sanskrit, interpreter of for fear that is lack fidelity, advocate strict metaphrase, because this is chaired in him,issue an interpreter " tick mother-in-law is sanded " it is one word interpreter of a ground comes down. During this, path the turtledove of day Zhu person that the growth that how invites thises at chelonian of the Western Regions Maluoshen textual research the sutra interpret previously is written, criticized the interpreter's style, analysed interpreter method, he changes completely previously group metaphrase style of the home, advocate free translation, corrected the weakness that transliterated in the past. His interpret is written expressed original work view, translation is lively figure, for our country literature the interpreter laid a foundation. Chastity watchs Tang Taizong 2 years (the Christian era 608 years) Xuan Zang of interpret bound giant star sets out go India is begged classics, the ability after 17 years goes back to the motherland. Interpret of 19 years of time was used to give 75 sutra below his organization, in all 1335. He not only Cheng Hanwen of interpret of Buddha by Sanskrit, and the one part interpret father composing becomes Sanskrit, become Han Wenzhu of the first one or two to make the Chinese that introduces to the foreign country. The interpreter standard “ that he puts forward must be begged already true, need Yu Su ” again, meaning for “ faithful, clear and coherent ” , still have direct sense till today.
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