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Interpreter standard is in at issue development
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2, our country is latter-day latter-day to translating standard controversy to speak of the controversy to translating a standard, we must talk about the “ of Yanfu and Yan Fu to believe Da Ya ” . Yan Fu is our country clear minor details the illuminative ideologist of burgeoning bourgeois. Lu Xun ever was in " disloyalty collect " in had said, yan Fu “ once checked Guo Hanjin the methodological ” of sutra of 6 government interpreter. Yan Fu consults the experience of archaic interpreter sutra, the practice that translates according to oneself is in " the weather plays theory " roll of first " interpret introductory remarks " in put forward famous “ to believe Da Ya ” to translate a standard. Yan Fuceng says: “ interpret thing 3 difficult: Letter, amount to, elegant. Beg its to believe, already catastrophe! Gu Xin, do not amount to, although interpret, still not interpret also, amount to Shang Yan. ” Yan Fu puts forward at first 3 difficult, do not put forward as interpreter standard, but after this centenary, yan Fu's “ believes Da Ya ” to said to cause a lot of resonance that translate the home gradually, have positive direct effect to translating practice, showed powerful vitality. But to its Yu Congyi of “ elegant ” begins open to question. He is so called “ elegant ” , it is to show those who break away from itself of translation of textual and one-sided pursuit is quaint. He thinks only translation itself uses “ Chinese previously ”—— of word law sentence structure actually namely alleged and classy classical Chinese article, just calculate the hall that enters elegance. It is so after colloquial article is arisen, radical group group rise and attack, have greatly approve its batch smelly after that fast situation. Arrived even 20 centuries 80 time end at the beginning of 90 time, raised a controversy that believes Da Ya ” about “ again. Somebody thinks Yan Fu's “ believes Da Ya ” to say even, restricted the eye shot that translates research badly, manacled the thought of people for a long time. Some viewpoints are quite intense. Like Huang Yu stone says: “ Yan Fu is driving the wind that generation translates, in foreign country of act carefully introduction the establish of the respect such as new idea issued graven contribution. This one his interpreter is academic, there is no hiding that, it is full of prunes apparently however. (Shen Suru is written " by “ letter Yan Fu of Da Ya ”—— translates academic research " business affairs imprints book house, 1998, the 107th page) Zhou Dubao says: Word of “‘ elegant ’ is Platonic, perhaps saying is ‘ against one's will of ’ , it is unscientific. Of his interpreter is at that time case other people sends the book that know, represent advanced academic thinking, accept the west to make stubborn and conservative scholar-bureaucrat class is happy however advanced ‘ learning truth imitates ’ of Xian Qinwen body to translate apparent misgivings painstakingly. If say interpreter thought of Yan Fu has inappropriate place, all break at ‘ elegant ’’’ . (" China is translated) ) 2000(2) , 29) this shows, in the “ letter to Yan Fu Da Ya ” says hundred years those who come is at issue, “ letter amounts to 2 words of ” already was the standard with accepted people, and word of elegant to “ ” argues however very big. 20 centuries 20 time our country appeared the discussion about “ verve ” . Mao Dun of well-known to this our country writer ever had expressed view. He himself constant is the person that ” of true-blue “ metaphrase is talked, the interpose that comes after repeatedly the alleged “ between “ metaphrase ” and ” of “ free translation arranges interpret ” he objects, reason is “ arranges interpret ” to bring about ” of “ crooked interpret easily. (1984a: Mao Dun of 351 ~ 354) is inchoate had expressed a lot of view that translate about literature, be aimed at May 4th movement of 1919 “ is crooked before of interpret ” flush, put forward a series of “ metaphrase ” is academic, in order to correct the error of forefathers. Among style or manner of writing, he used the language of traditional and literary theory, when speaking of “ verve ” , say: “ sees with respect to my illicit issue a judgement, feel to break ‘ verve ’ with its and leave ’ of ‘ form appearance, still go up to have some of difference and withhold ‘ verve ’ as ’ of ‘ form appearance. Literary function is in touching, and touching force is afraid still is contain at ‘ verve ’ much and those who be sent in ’ of ‘ form appearance is little, if translation cannot withhold textual ‘ verve ’ , hard to avoid should lose a lot of touching power. ”(1984b: This paragraph of word emphasizes 337) “ verve ” , with the “ later alike in spirit ” does not have big difference. So someone says thunder of 50 time teach puts forward 20 centuries about “ the discussion of alike in spirit ” is verve of 20 time “ ” discussion continuity.
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