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Interpreter standard is in at issue development
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3, our country is modern to translating standard controversy Fu Lei and Qian Zhongshu are in 20 centuries 50 time and the interpreter level that 60 time raise “ alike in spirit ” and “ sublimity ” respectively. Mr Fu Lei advocates “ weighs ” of alike in spirit and not heavy be similar in shape. Then group of our country interpret appeared two big groups. It is the “ that is a delegate with the interpret home such as Fu Lei, Yang Jiang, Yang Bi ” of alike in spirit clique, it is the “ that is a delegate with Mr Bian Zhilin is put form ” of the clique that try a look. One group is heavy alike in spirit, one clique weighs be similar in shape, who cannot persuade. Be in of the near future " China is translated " on Mr Jiang Feng returns Beijing University professor Mr Xu Yuan strong and scholar of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to continue on this problem vexed. (See " China is translated >> the new interpret of 2001(3)“ new century is commented on by ” ) the portion was in China in August 2001 interpret assist, " China is translated " the “ English-Chinese that editorial office holds translates ” of senior study group to go up, the author had Xing Ling to listen to the labial gun have a verbal battle with of two scholars, both sides holds one term each, who is ill-affected also who, everybody can find out strong evidence to prove his viewpoint is right. Afterwards 20 centuries after 50 time, career of interpreter of our country of 70 time end appeared the 2nd times climax. Because the west translates theory to begin to enter China to translate research domain in a large-scale, many scholastic strive “ rescue ” , “ to perfect the theory of ” Yan Fu. Somebody is flat say: It is good that “ still believes Da Ya. Then people puts forward ” afresh the value of “ metaphrase ” or ” of “ free translation. New round of controversy that translates a standard pulled open heavy curtain again. The times differred, people stands in different point of view, have a controversy with different thinking kind. Meanwhile, later generations believed Da Ya ” to had gifted to Yan Fu's “ new content and explanation. The “ Er elegant ” that they think “ elegant ” already was Yan Fu indicates no longer and “ are used Chinese previously ” of world standard sentence structure, show “ saves the style ” of original work however. During this, a few scholars of our country put forward “ letter to amount to actor by letter of ” , “ cut by ” , “ optimal and approximate degree unite by card of differentiate of ” , “ wait for interpreter standard by ” by leotard of ” , “ . Perfectness the Xu Yuan of two foreign languages develops flower way the gentleman is end of word of “ elegant ” the germ of standard of interpreter of Chinese literary school. He develops further on this foundation, put forward 3 beauty of “ to talk) of ”(meaning beauty, sound beauty, form beauty. The “ whole nation that held in Qingdao 1987 translates academic seminar ” first times to go up, professor Gu Zhengkun published “ to translate a standard multivariate and complementary by ” , he thinks to translate a standard specificly should and it is multivariate and rather than necessarily a yuan. Interpreter standard can be divided for abstract standard and specific standard two kinds big, this two old standards are formed one is restricted each other and additional organic system. Abstract standard has a yuan of sex, specific standard has pluralism. The paper once read out, cause a mighty uproar, what make the discussion of concerned interpreter standard became plenary meeting almost is thematic. The visible people attention to translating a standard.
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