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Interpreter standard is in at issue development
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4, the article summarized the inspiration that the controversy gives us the contention of group of past dynasties interpret to translating a standard, from this we can get the following inspiration: 1. The interpreter standard that translating a standard is not eternity comes from at translating practice, come from at that time local interpreter is carried out. Translate a standard put forward not to leave with the ideological cent of the social politics climate at that time and people. Archaic interpreter is with conduct propaganda religion is a purpose, give priority to in order to translate sutra so; Latter-day interpreter purpose is the ” learning truth that “ makes stubborn scholar-bureaucrat class is happy to accept the west, give priority to in order to translate new idea of science and technology and introduction so; Contemporary interpreter purpose is to transmit thought and culture, give priority to in order to translate literary work so; Translating a goal contemporarily after that is multivariate however. All trades and professions, the people of each estate is holding different goal in the arms, regard a kind of service step that achieves a goal as the interpreter. Its interpreter standard also is various. We discover the endless flow that reviews interpreter history not hard, those who translate a standard put forward to having inevitable connection with the social setting at that time, any interpreter standards put another times to have its applicability and not applicability. Translating a standard is not lasting. 2. Purpose, object the first, when the 2nd anybody is engaged in translating an activity, translating a standard is an interpreter purpose and object are put in the first place, not be to discuss interpreter level first, according to the standard reentry translates an activity all right after. Yan Fu is translated " the weather plays theory " the object is scholar-bureaucrat class, the purpose is “ learn manage ” to make stubborn scholar-bureaucrat class is happy to accept the west. To achieve this goal, he casts himself translate a standard and disregard, get article interpret involved and abstruse is difficult, right textual and optional accept or reject, similar adapt. But he achieved the goal that he books, obtained China the infrequent success on interpreter history. The style of translation of Yan Fu pursuit is beautiful, very he should cause suit the interpreter purpose of scholar-bureaucrat class interest. If " the weather plays theory " be to be research Darwinism expert to translate only, the reader that serves as a special domain group, they basically are for to the interpreter's interest practical, translation maintains textual former appearance as far as possible, this is more beautiful than the style of translation more important. If choose schoolchild to be a reader, that must adapt easy to read and understand the popular science reading matter that knows easily. So, translating purpose and object is the first, just be interpreter standard next. 3. Establish correct translation since outlook is long-term, bound of our country interpreter is existing all the time the controversy between ” of ” of group of art of ” of alike in spirit clique of ” of “ metaphrase clique and ” of clique of “ free translation, “ and ” of clique of “ be similar in shape, “ and “ science clique. Say roughly, this can be generalized again to faction for two big groups, artistic clique thinks the interpreter is artistic, weigh quite in practice alike in spirit, and favore free translation mostly, and scientific group thinks the interpreter is science, be similar in shape emphasizes quite in practice, like to use word-for-word translation mostly. From the point of practice effect, “ art sends the translation of ” to be characteristic in order to understand Xiao Chang, love easily for reader place. But, as a result of the cause of form of not stick to, hard to avoid exists more or less have break rigorous blemish; And the translation of ” of “ division school although with faithful, rigorous for the feature, but appear easily the malady of curt awkward-sounding, read rising is not very smooth. As the interpreter worker should hold to a dialectics, establish correct translation to watch, impartiality leans on any one clique, take two length however, avoid two short, make science and art pay equal attention to, alike in spirit with give attention to two or morethings of be similar in shape, metaphrase and free translation are used. Hold to rule of unity of opposites, ability reachs highest state of the interpreter.
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