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Entrust written translation note
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A, copyright signs:
B, advance preparation:
Standard of C, quality: Dash forward obstruct of Qian of barren of Bu of Zhi of  of  of model of Jia of blown away by wind of A Chinese-style unlined garment of have a nightmare of Э spoon calamity whetstones wash rice arm of  large bamboo hat changes another name for Taishan Mountain to be worth А of F Lu fish hawk  of Liang of Bao of earnestly of persimmon of leg of 6 center  dash forward  Qu censures carbuncle Qian v/LIT an amphora-like jar] translator can make scald Ke? be revised freely. Translate the because of the person different such as means of style, expression, without absolute level, this also is the matter that most translation firm dare not make mensurable commitment, entrust public praise so the stronger, interpreter company that runs a standard assumes good, actual strength interpreter job is more secure.
Method of D, plan cost: Word Chou hangs down billow is stupefied Wan?0% imprest remuneration, when making draft paid more than. Normal translation volume is daily 5000 words, urgent add receive 30—100% . The interpreter of phylum of A Er peaceful expends the character outside pressing to count computation, the in translating cost to press character of other language family is counted (not plan the character of blank space is counted) computation, be not worth 1000 words to make 1000 words calculation. After the client receives draft, be opposite again textual make add change should pay fee separately. The client is like midway to cancel to must be pressed already translated a part to pay an interpreter fee.
E, after service: Rotten banter of Jia graceful Xie still lens of  of ⑼ of two of ⑵ of ∷ of  persimmon rare ⒂ truly crusty pancake of joyous  of Bu of Kun of chart of Shi of take along sth to sb of Yi of provide for of correct Gui  mu is Chen of ⒋ of frame of ┳ of ⒙ of frame of Mi of  Fei what worth  of В of fish hawk of Jin of acenaphthene of  of  of Xi identifying obstruct dash forward?
F, confidential measure: Does Gu of pregnant of bad unconscious rice carry Bu of Zhi of  midge  Qian of  peptide a surname?