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The tunnel of a few everyday expressions is translated
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1.Quality education: Quality Education 2. EQ: Cent is planted, one kind is educational quotient Educational Quotient, emotional Quotient 3 of quotient of another kind of affection. Insurance: The Insurance Industry 4. Make sure the key points out: Ensure Funding For Priority Areas 5. Reissue the annuities that default: Clear Up Pension Payments In Arrears 6. Bad loan: Non-performing Loan 7. Layer upon layer subcontract wraps with illegal cent: Mutlti-level Contracting And Illegal Subcontracting 8. Agency of urban and rural credit: Credit Cooperative In Both Urban And Rural Areas 9. Life of town dweller lowest ensures: A Minimum Standard Of Living For City Residents 10. Town worker medical treatment guarantees a system: The System Of Medical Insurance For Urban Workers 11. Export credit: Export Credit 12. Loan quality: Loan Quality 13. 5 class classify loan quality method: The Five-category Assets Classification For Bank Loans 14. Be on guard and dissolve financial venture: Take Precautions Against And Reduce Financial Risks 15. Project of prevent or control flood: Flood-prevention Project 16. Illegal foreign currency trades: Illegal Foreign Exchange Transaction 17. Blame commerce closes collect: Foreign Exchange Earnings Through Nontrade Channels 18. Be not bank finance orgnaization: Non-bank Financial Institutions 19. Cost changes tax: Transform Administrative Fees Into Taxes 20. Dog audit: Foolow-up Auditing 21. System of project inspect manage: The Monitoring System For Projects 22. State-owned asset is safe: The Safety Of State-owned Assets 23. Excessive reclaim: Excess Reclamation 24. The contract runs a system: The Contract System For Governing Projects 25. Vigorous finance policy: Pro-active Fiscal Policy 26. Basic living cost: Basic Allowance 27. Remove labor concerns: Sever Labor Relation 28. Finance superintends system of job responsibility: The Responsibility System For Financial Supervision 29. Economic safety: Economic Security 30. Rely on to enlarge finance deficit to start construction: To Increase The Deficit To Spend More On Development 31. Enlarge domestic demand: The Expansion Of Domestic Demand 32. Pull move economic growth: Fuel Economic Growth 33. Grain storage facility: Grain Depot 34. Commissariat buys a company: Grain Collection And Storage Enterprise 35. Commissariat buys capital to execute close move: Closed Operation Of Grain Purchase Funds 36. Commissariat sells the market: Grain Sales Market 37. Inferior project: Shoddy Engineering 38. Collect fees in disorder, random apportion, random amerce: Arbitrary Charges, fund-raising, quotas And Fines 39. Cheat collect, escape collect, arbitrage: Obtain Foreign Currency Under False Pretenses, not Turn Over Foreign Owed To The Government And Illegal Arbitrage 40. Financing channel: Financing Channels 41. Commercial credit principle: The Principles For Commercial Credit 42. Social insurance device: Social Security Institution 43. Unemployed insurance gold: Unemployment Insurance Benefits 44. Evade taxes, cheat duty, dodge a tax, fight tax: Tax Evasion, tax Fraud And Refusal To Pay Taxes 45. Foreign currency income and expenses: Foreign Exchange Revenue And Spending 46. How to reside a project: Housing Project For Low-income Urban Residents 47. Informatization: Information-based; Informationization 48. Intellective and concentrated model: Concentration Of Brain Power; Knowledge-intensive 49. Foreign capital enterprise: Overseas-funded Enterprises 50. Off-duty workers: Laid-off Workers 51. Billabong: Reposition Of Redundant Personnel 52. Quality education: Education For All-round Development 53. Project of bean curd broken bits: Jerry-built Projects 54. Circumstance of security of society: Law-and-order Situation 55. Nation-state: Nation State 56. "Stage alone " : "Independence Of Taiwan" 57. Taiwan authorities: Taiwan Authorities 58. Taiwan brethren: Taiwan Compatriots 59. Taiwan is Chinese territory impartible cut one share: Taiwan Is An Inalienable Part Of The Chinese Territory. 60. Develop greatly western: Development Of The West Regions 61. But durative development: Sustainable Development 62. Venture capital investment: Risk Investment 63. Deflationary: Deflation 64. Expand inside need: To Expand Domestic Demand 65. The computer assists education: Computer-assisted Instruction (CAI) 66. Network space: Cyberspace 67. Virtual reality: Virtual Reality 68. Netizen: Netizen (Net Citizen) 69. Computer commits a crime: Computer Crime 70. Electronic business affairs: The E-business 71. Shop on the net: Shopping Online 72. Should try education: Exam-oriented Education 73. The student decreases negative: To Reduce Study Load 74. "Ell Ni Nuo " : (EL Nino)
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