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The characteristic of English of science and technology and interpreter
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Any work all have specific style, textual style is different, interpreter method also subsequently and different. Try observation following of a few segments textual reach its translation "It Appears That You've Got The Offer Of A Very Good Job. ""A Wonderful Job. ""Are You Going To Take It? ""I Don't Think So. ""Why Not? ' "I Don't Want To. ""Hear a very good job wants you to work. "" holds out good working " . "Does the plan do what? "" not. "Why doesn't " work? "" does not want to do " . Pick from " blade " (The Razor's Edge)

This is the novel is opposite one paragraph medium say, belong to colloquial style. Its characteristic is: With word freedom, syntax structure is simple, short sentence as much as elliptical sentence, natural and simple, life breath is grumous. Reflect the characteristic of Chinese spoken language further in translation, my " of your " of " of leave out subject, " ; I Don't Think So of a sentence. Flat interpret becomes " of a word not " , appear concise and strong. She Was Of A Helpless, fleshy Build, with A Frank, open Countenance And An Innocent, diffident Manner. Her Eyes Were Large And Patient, and In Them Dwelt Such A Shadow Of Distress As Only Those Who Have Looked Sympathetically Into The Countenances Of The Distraught And Helpless Poor Know Anything About.

That woman is giving birth to the constitution with a pair of meaty soft, a piece of frankness leaves sincere countenance, a kind innocent and shy perky. One pair falls greatly falling complaisant eye, inside the worry with boundless under cover, only those do not have the poverty-stricken person appearance that request to had made the talent that sympathizes with observation see to chilly anxiety.

Pick from (precious Ni girl) (Jennie Gerhardt) , fu Donghua interpret. Above the segment of 51 words, applied 10 adjectives, occupy 1/5. "And In Then Dwelt Such A Shadow Of Distress" is very beautiful and live standard speech, translation maintained one style.

MONTREAL-Clark Johns Accomplished A Spectacular Debut For His NHL Career Tonight, the First Score Launching A Four -point First Period Out Burst, to Lead The Johnson City High Hats To A 6:4Victory Over The Montreal Teals And Their Eighth Consecutive Game Without A Loss. [Montreal report] in countrywide handball league matches carat overcomes Johns tonight first try ability, cause sensation. First half is banner 4 minutes, first record. Carat gram produces backbone effect, team of tall hat of city of abdicate agreement writing eventually with 6:4Defeat team of Montreal city small duck, created the military successes that Lian Sheng did not lose 8 times.

This is the news style that belongs to practical writing, its characteristic is crisp, dapper, the structure is compact, style of writing is biting. This afore-mentioned telecommunications have a sentence only, depict a ball game however incisively and vividly, abound appeal.

The Range Of A Voltmeter May Be Extended By Means Of A Series Resistor Called A Multiplier As Shown In Fig.2.The Full-scale Reading Of The Meter Alone May Be 15volts.With The Multiplier 250volts May Be Required To Move The Pointer To Full-scale, 135 Volts Across The Multiplier And 15volts Across The Meter. From afore-mentioned article of a paragraph of science and technology, see its not hard style and rhetorical method and in front enumerated literary novel, the widely different such as press. Style of science and technology advocates rigorous and careful, the concept is accurate, logic is strong, style or manner of writing is succinct, the key is outstanding, sentence type in neat formation, rare change, commonly used before buy sex allegation, be in namely a lieutenant general is main information as far as possible before buy, pass main information through subject. The characteristic of style of article of science and technology is: Clear, accurate, chastening, close. That end, the language structure characteristic of article of science and technology is like where to manage in translating a process, this is the issue that the need when undertaking English-Chinese science and technology is translated discusses. Show cent to narrate as follows:
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