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Talk about science and technology to translate medium logistic judgement
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Interpreter of science and technology is a language problem not just (vocabulary, syntactic, rhetorical wait) , it is drag in the element to a lot of blame language respects. Logic is among them the the most active, mainest factor. Russia linguist Ba Erhu amounts to Luo Fu to ever had cited a such case: John Is In The Pen, anybody also won't a medium Pen interpret for the pen, and can interpret is " animal sacrifice gasket " , because " the person is in the pen " be disagreement logic. This specification comes up against need to apply logic to judge and be solved in interpreter middling regular meeting a few it seems that illogical language phenomenon, the logic that says here is judged, the technology that basically is the judgement that points to logic of pair of textual language thinking and translation is judged logically. For instance:

(1)Summary Must Be A Condensed Version Of Body Of The Report, written In Language Understandable By Those Members Of Mine Management Who May Not Be Specialists I The Field Of Rock Testing, but Who Are Nonetheless Responsible For The Work.

Former interpret: The summary must be a report write this, the language that wants to be able to understand with personnel of mine management department is written, although these people are not the expert of rock experiment respect, but they are responsible to the job of this respect.

Analysis: We read textual language first: Two " Who- " attributive subordinate clause, the first can interpret the adverbial modifier subordinate clause that represents an account, the 2nd is nonrestrictive attributive subordinate clause, undertake complementing demonstrative to antecedent, but is not pure turn, mix however the Not echo in the first subordinate clause, means " however " or " just " . From this, this sentence the meaning has compared Anacreontic: Want to be written in order to be not the expert's language so, because these administrator are not an expert,be, because they are responsible to the job of this respect, is not.

Show interpret to be: The summary must be a report write this, the language that wants to be able to understand with personnel of mine management department is written; Although they are in charge of rock trial work, but the expert that is not this respect.

(2) The Zoth Century Will Not Be Remembered As The Era When Space Was Conquered, or The Power Of The Atom, harnessed, but That In Which Were Made The First Machines Having Intelligence.

Former interpret: When people memory has 20 centuries in the future, won't regard it as conquered aerospace is mixed used atomic dynamic century, regard as however the century that made first machine that has intelligence.

Analysis: When having logistic judgement to the translation above, take a fancy to civil expression and place to narrate a thing to whether there is a problem on logic above all, we feel those who have a problem is, it is after all regarding 20 centuries is what kind of century appropriate, it is the century that made first intelligent machine, still be the century that the century of conquer universe or nuclear energy use, we often say: 20 centuries are the century of conquer universe, perhaps say, 20 centuries are nuclear energy century, after discovering translation does not accord with logic, want to notice to study textual language. Former a conjunction that medium But= (unless) is equivalent to showing negative sense, the meaning is " if not... " . Next, we understand Remember As even correctly... the meaning of this complement just should choose an interpreter to convey a form. In the interpreter middling interpret is " ... be called... " (say... for... ) . In addition, sentence in says The First Machines, it is to point to Electronic Computers normally. Look from technical logic, when this age bound, if do not have the computer that has intelligence a kind of machine, the rocket cannot go up to the sky, nuclear energy production is uncontrollable. (namely: A Spacecraft Cannot Leave The Earth And Go To The Moon Without Computers. ) after passing afore-mentioned analysises, can offer following translation:
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