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Absolutely English is classical
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Money Is Not Everything. There ' S Mastercard & Visa.

Money is not all-purpose, still need credit card sometimes.

One Should Love Animals. They Are So Tasty.

Everybody should have deep love for an animal, because they are very good,eat.

Save Water. Shower With Your Girlfriend.

Want managing with water, bathe together with cummer as far as possible.

Love The Neighbor. But Don ' T Get Caught.

Want to love your neighbour attentively, do not let her husband know nevertheless.

Behind Every Successful Man, there Is A Woman. And Behind Every Unsuccessful Man, there Are Two.

The backside of every successful man, have a woman. Every do not become the backside of work man, have two women.

Every Man Should Marry. After All, happiness Is Not The Only Thing In Life.

Again happy bachelor also can marry sooner or later, happiness is not permanent.

The Wise Never Marry, and When They Marry They Become Otherwise.

Clever person is maiden, marrier is very difficult again clever rise.

Success Is A Relative Term. It Brings So Many Relatives.

The success is a relevant noun, he can bring relation of a lot of irrelvant to you (connection) .

Never Put Off The Work Till Tomorrow What You Can Put Off Today.

Do not wait to will be not handed in tomorrow on difference looks for excuse again, be about to had searched today.

Love Is Photogenic. It Needs Darkness To Develop.

Love is just like a photograph, need many darkroom time to foster. (the foreigner is conservative also, should feel black handle affairs, with a ha breath out)

Children In Backseats Cause Accidents. Accidents In Backseats Cause Children.

The child on back row seat can give birth to an accident, the unexpected meeting on back row seat gives birth to a child.

"Your Future Depends On Your Dreams. "So Go To Sleep.

"Present dream is deciding you in the future " , still sleep a little while again so.

There Should Be A Better Way To Start A Day Than Waking Up Every Morning.

The way with should have better begins new a day, is not machine-made awake morning in every.

"Hard Work Never Killed Anybody. "But Why Take The Risk? "But Why Take The Risk??

Work hard won't cause death! "Nevertheless I won't prove with oneself.

"Work Fascinates Me. "I Can Look At It For Hours! "I Can Look At It For Hours!!

The work is very significant Ye! "Look at others to work especially.

God Made Relatives; Thank God We Can Choose Our Friends.

The god decided who is your kin, choosing friend side fortunately he gave you to leave room.

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