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Translate the faithful sex of the political tendency of personnel and translatio
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Netizen Roy sent an essay to me last night, content carelessness is Sino-US establish diplomatic relations during the negotiation in, the United States just states Don't Support(does not support) stage alone, and in square interpreter personnel is this phrase interpreter however " object " (Oppose) stage alone. Sino-US after establishing diplomatic relations, the United States still sells ammunition to Taiwan, china challenges then the United States, since you had said Oppose station alone, why do you still sell ammunition to Taiwan? The United States refutes say: Our former word is Don't Support, we did not say Oppose, who lets your interpreter personnel make a stand oneself, does the interpreter become Oppose? Netizen Roy wants to ask me to talk about the view to this essay.

Be very sorry above all, I do not get diplomatic job, I do not know this rumor is really false, I also go without time textual research. But this essay, derivative however very interesting if problem, whether can the political tendency that translates personnel namely then affect the faithful sex of translation. Remember 2000, there is an ocean to develop the international conference of the respect in Beijing, have a theme among them, the islands dispute that is China and circumjacent country (for instance) of The Nansha Islands, I discover the scholar of major foreign country that attend the meeting, the Chinese name that does not know these islands (for instance Nansha Islands) , they often use the western name of these islands, for instance:

① Spratly Islands(Sipulateli archipelago) : Namely my The Nansha Islands

Handkerchief of ② Paracel Islands(pulls) of archipelago of Er of a place of strategic importance: Namely my the Xisha Islands

Si Kabai of ③ Scarborough Shoal(collect reef) : Namely island of cliff of my fizzle outing

) of a chain of islands of pointed cabinet of ④ Senkaku Islands (: Namely my Diaoyutai archipelago

⑤ Damanski Island(amounts to Mansiji insular) : Namely my Zhenbao Island

Appear every time when these western names, square interpreter personnel makes a stand oneself in, change Chinese name, I feel to be done so at that time very inappropriate. As the Chinese, we know, these islands are Chinese territory really, we ought not to use those western names. But go up in international conference, interpreter personnel ought to avoid to get the influence of political tendency, and ought to with indifferent manner, undertake an interpreter according to former word of the spokesman, in order to maintain the faithful sex of translation, cause serious consequence likely otherwise. On that conference, fortunately scholar of all foreign country does not know Chinese, otherwise some of person can put forward probably to protest on the spot, even midway exeunts, bring about the conference to part on bad terms.

So I think all along, translating personnel is an intermediary only (Medium) , his task is the meaning one party only, trustily conveys additionally one, he ought not to the political tendency according to oneself, or the need according to interest group, go revising oneself translated text, otherwise if, can bring a trouble to conversational both sides, also meet oneself finally bring a trouble.
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