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The English translation that is title of Hong Kong movie acclaims
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I go up in forum of several English study recently, saw the card of same content, carelessness is a few acider the English translation of title of Hong Kong movie. For instance Zhou Xing gallop of the main actor " lacquer of homebred Ling Ling " , english translation is From Beijing With Love(comes from Beijing to taking love) , card author very do not look to go up it, criticizing it is " indescribable " . And I want to say however: This translation is good, it is the pen that the god comes to simply!

Like to see the friend of 007 series movies, know to have a very old 007 gramophone records (seeming is the) that 60 time film, be called From Russia With Love(to come from Russia to taking love) , the main actor is Sean Connery, content is British spy between James Bond and Russian female emissary Tatiana Romanov already alarmingly dangerous, the story of lingering. Because the name of this film is very very succinct, exact, height generalized the content of the story, be agreed consequently reputably, and make cold war period " the love that comes from hostile country " pronominal.

In 007 films of England, sean Connery acts royal secret service, and in the film of approach approach lacquer that is in Hong Kong, zhou Xing gallop act palace nark, the content of two films and quality are basic and same, to take care of appreciation habit of the foreigner, will " lacquer of homebred approach approach " the interpreter is From Beijing With Love, I consider as those who be not Chang Qia to become, after all, translated text of this kind of English does not read to our Chinese, look to the foreigner however.

Again for instance Zhou Xing gallop of the main actor " the moon treasure box that boast swims on the west " , english translation is Chinese Odyssey: The Odyssey of Pandora's Box(China: Box) of Panduola, article author also very do not look to go up it, criticizing it is " irrelevant " , this translation is actually very good also really. Everybody can think, " on the west travel notes " and " Odyssey " the classic work that is travel notes property, moon treasure box and Pandora's Box also belong to magical, visional thing, such interpreters, can saying almost is flawless, very appropriate. Otherwise if, we are forced according to alleged " believe Da Ya " standard, the interpreter is become below this kind of appearance, excuse me, do you feel appropriate?

An Exaggerative Story Of "The Journey To The West" : The Moonlight Treasure Box

Candid ground is told, home learns English friend, basically confine is on classroom, say, write, did not contact the experience of English world personally. Contrary, hong Kong is a Chinese and Western adds up to wall, Hua Yang's jumbly society, hong Kong person is right of western culture hold and understand, should compare inlander far accurate and rich, because of the translation of person of this Hong Kong, far also compare the sort of domestic one word of one interpret alleged " believe Da Ya " many what translation is close friends. So I say, home learns English friend, or ought to a few modester, learn a bit knowledge more, do not make a speech in disorder, more do not want a fault to become phoenix crow (the sentence is a bit heavy, if have,displease, still look at) of be magnanimous enough to forgive or tolerate.
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